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Welcome to the Rare Earths Community — a new platform bringing the world of rare earths together in a one-stop shop. Here you will find information only about rare earths including pricing data from China, news, company information as well as a forum where you can comment on what is happening in the world of rare earths.

For several years it has been discussed at our rare earths conferences that there is room for a central location where the global rare earths industry can meet and discuss what is happening in the industry.  The industry is small, complicated and geographically diverse. China dominates the market, but the question mark remains over how much supply is coming from illegal and smuggled sources.

The formation of China’s Big Six Rare Earths Giants should result in greater control over production and the imposition of tougher environmental controls as well as focusing on the development of new products using rare earths. Elsewhere in the world the much-vaunted new production has failed to materialise. So far Lynas Corp is the only new non-Chinese producer to succeed. However, there is non-Chinese production from Brazil, India and Russia.

In this section you will find information from our most recent conference which was held in Hong Kong on November 8-10 2016. All attendees of that event will be given access to the RE Community and we hope you will find it useful. If you would like to join then please email sales@metalevents.com for more information.


Pressure mounts for REE magnet buyers to check origin of material

Rare earths magnet producers are pushing end-users to adopt purchasing strategies that would see “green products contain green materials”, delegates were told this week at Metal Events Ltd’s Automotive Materials: Lithium, Graphite & REE Conference in Manchester. End-users should address the origin of the rare earths that is contained in their magnets – is it […]

Shin-Etsu to lift output of rare earth magnets in Vietnam

Shin-Etsu Chemical aims to double its production of rare earth magnets in Vietnam, attracted by strong demand from clients for the items used in robots as well as the motors of hybrid and electric vehicles. The Japanese company will spend roughly 5 billion yen ($44.9 million) on new equipment at its factory in northern Hai Phong Province, where Shin-Etsu makes […]

The prices of praseodymium and neodymium continue to rise, leading to positive downstream storage

The current market price of praseodymium neodymium oxide was RMB 315,000 – 320,000 /t, the spot supply was very tight, for the future goods, it needs at least one month to get the order. Some traders said that due to the optimistic outlook of the rare earth market, they are not willing to sell the […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly (15/06)

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth market prices moved up overall following rising praseodymium neodymium price. Sellers mostly were optimistic about later market. Orders from downstream enterprises got more, but spot supply was tight. With the first half of this year closing to an end, enterprises stopped operation gradually as they had […]

JHL, QVT, Shenghe Win Mountain Pass Mine Auction

The Wall Street Journey: A buyout group backed by a Chinese company has been declared the winner at a bankruptcy auction for the Mountain Pass rare earths mine, the sole U.S. source of elements essential to electronics devices. With a winning bid of $20.5 million, investment firms JHL Capital Group and QVT Financial were selected […]

Ruidow China Rare Earth Market Weekly Review June 5-9

The rare earth market was active this week. Affected by supply and demand, most of the rare earth prices continued to rise moderately, of which praseodymium and neodymium products had most obvious price rise. On June 5, China South Rare Earth Group released heavy rare earths oxide listed price, of which terbium oxide and lutetium […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly (08/06)

Industry Review Review & Analysis Light rare earth: Lanthanum-cerium price leveled out, while praseodymium neodymium price soared rapidly. Lanthanum-cerium price leveled out. With downstream demand increasing, offers kept firm. Prices were expected to go up in later market. Lanthanum oxide price remained stable at RMB 15,000/Tonne, and cerium oxide was offered at RMB 12,000/Tonne. Actual […]

Ucore Consortium Wins USDOE Bid for Rare Earths from Coal Industry

June 12, 2017 – HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSXV:UCU) (OTCQX:UURAF) (“Ucore” or the “Company”)  is pleased to announce that a strategic consortium organized to recover rare earth element (“REE”) products from coal mining refuse in the United States (the “Consortium”) has been selected by the US Department of Energy (“USDOE”) for […]

Brief Analysis of the Heavy RE oxide price change in China Southern Rare Earth Group

Industry Front-June 8, China Southern Rare Earth Group(CSRE) issued the listing price of the heavy RE oxide on June 5th. The price of terbium oxide and lutetium oxide rose slightly again while the others stayed stable, the result is as follows: Listing price and Changes China Southern Rare Earth Group started price  listing in April […]

Commerce Resources Corp. Enters Development MOU with Ucore Rare Metals Inc.

June 5, 2017-Commerce Resources Corp. is pleased to announce that it has executed a memorandum of understanding with Ucore Rare Metals Inc. for the purpose of integrating feedstock from Commerce’s Ashram Project in Quebec with Ucore’s recently announced rare earth separation facility and strategic Metals Complex (“SMC”)   For details, please click: 17-06-05 – MOU with Ucore