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Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 2018-04-12

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, prices of mainstream rare earth products slid down. Upstream sellers were active in shipments while downstream buying interest was sluggish. As market supply was quite more than demand, sellers mostly held bearish sentiment on later market. Producers increased operation rate, leading to ample rare earth supply. However, downstream […]

Rare Earth Prices-Association of China Rare Earth Industry https://www.ac-rei.org.cn/portal.php

Type Products Purity Prices (Rmb/Tonne) Lanthanum La Oxide ≥99% 15000-16000 La Oxide ≥99.999% 38000-40000 Cerium Ce Carbonate 45-50%CeO2/TREO 100% 9000-10000 Ce Oxide ≥99% 15000-16000 Ce Oxide ≥99.999% 35000-40000 Ce Metal ≥99% 37000-39000 Praseodymium Pr Oxide ≥99% 440000-460000 Neodymium Nd Oxide ≥99% 355000-365000 Nd Metal ≥99% 450000-460000 Samarium Sm Oxide ≥99.9% 13000-15000 Sm Metal ≥99% 950000-105000 […]

Industry Front: Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech Co., Ltd. | 2017 net profit decreased by 10.84% ​​year-on-year

Industry Front-2018-04-04: Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech Co., Ltd. released the 2017 annual report. From January to December 2017, the company achieved operating revenue of 3.895 billion yuan, an increase of 10.01% year-on-year; the average operating income of the new materials industry grew by 58.64%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 2.82 billion yuan, […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly 2018-04-05

Baiinfo-Mar 29, 2018 Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth market prices remained stable. Downstream inquiries were more than before, but deals were restricted. Around the beginning of 2018, sellers held back from selling and some downstream plants restocked few cargoes, leading to phonily high price. Later, rare earth prices slid down amid […]

“Toward a Global Rare Earths Industry Association(GloREIA)” opening was held by EIT today in Brussels, Belgium

“Toward a Global Rare Earths Industry Association(GloREIA)” opening was held by The European Institute of Innovation and Technology on Thursday 29 March 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Chen Zhanheng, the deputy Secretary-General of the Association of China Rare Earth Industry, spoke on “the recommendation to build a globalised Rare Earths Industry Association – GLoREIA”. The issue of […]

Medallion Identifies Commercial By-product in Rare Earth Process

Medallion – March 28, 2018 Vancouver, BC – Medallion Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MDL; OTCPK: MLLOF; Frankfurt: MRDN) – “Medallion” or the “Company”), pursuing smart production of magnet metals, is pleased to announce its recent process testwork extracting a rare earth element (REE) concentrate from monazite sand, also produced Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). TSP is a commercial compound, which […]

Industry Front: China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet export amount increased in February

Industry Front: 27-03-2018: According to the customs statistics, China’s export volume of rare earth permanent magnets surged year-on-year in February 2018, and the average export price also recorded a slight increase. Specifically, the February export volume was 2,589 tonnes, a sharp increase of 60.1% year-on-year; the average export price in February was US$50/kg, which was […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 2018-03-27

Baiinfo-Mar 22, 2018 Industry Review Review & Analysis Earlier this week, rare earth market prices kept dropping. On Mar. 21, PrNd oxide prices lowered to RMB 340,000/tonne. Later, downstream inquiries got more and deals turned active. Therefore, sellers pushed up prices again. PrNd oxide prices rallied to RMB 345,000/tonne and gadolinium oxide offers rebounded to […]

Price of Rare Earths Continued to Fall, No Active Market Transactions

Price of Rare Earths Continued to Fall, No Active Market Transactions Prices of rare earth oxides were released by Southern Rare Earth on 19th March. Except ytterbium oxide stable at 120 thousand Yuan/ton and scandium oxide at 9 million Yuan/tonne, other prices declined. Among them, price of terbium oxide was 3.25 million/tonne, down by 0.15 million/tonne, and price […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 2018-03-22

Baiinfo-Beijing-Mar 15, 2018 Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth market prices registered downward movement as upstream production increased while downstream demand was weak. Previously, rare earth prices surged up, thus producers held back from selling. But downstream purchase was limited, leading to price drop for rare earth oxides. Combined with current market […]