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Welcome to the Rare Earths Community — a new platform bringing the world of rare earths together in a one-stop shop. Here you will find information only about rare earths including pricing data from China, news, company information as well as a forum where you can comment on what is happening in the world of rare earths.

For several years it has been discussed at our rare earths conferences that there is room for a central location where the global rare earths industry can meet and discuss what is happening in the industry.  The industry is small, complicated and geographically diverse. China dominates the market, but the question mark remains over how much supply is coming from illegal and smuggled sources.

The formation of China’s Big Six Rare Earths Giants should result in greater control over production and the imposition of tougher environmental controls as well as focusing on the development of new products using rare earths. Elsewhere in the world the much-vaunted new production has failed to materialise. So far Lynas Corp is the only new non-Chinese producer to succeed. However, there is non-Chinese production from Brazil, India and Russia.

In this section you will find information from our most recent conference which was held in Hong Kong on November 8-10 2016. All attendees of that event will be given access to the RE Community and we hope you will find it useful. If you would like to join then please email sales@metalevents.com for more information.


Ruidow Rare Earth China Market Weekly Review 10-14 April, 2017

The rare earth market kept strong this week, praseodymium and neodymium product price continued to rise and the market supply was tight. For light rare earths, lanthanum oxide price was steady, with mainstream price of RMB 14,000 -15,000/tonne; cerium oxide was RMB 12,000 -13,000/tonne; praseodymium oxide was RMB 360,000 -370,000/tonne. The stockpiling of downstream ceramic […]

China’s rare earth export volume and price rose in March

Industry Front(April 20,2017): China customs statistics analysis showed that rare earth export volume and price in March 2017 rose up together while the export price fell last month. Specifically, in March 2017, China’s rare earth exports increased by 8.1% to 4,694 tons, an increase of 42.5% compared with previous month; the export average price rose […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly Apr 13, 2017

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth price kept rising overall. Most products offers were raised, with offers of praseodymium neodymium rising greatly and some storage products in heavy rare earth market going up slightly. While downstream demand was ordinary, orders of magnetic material plants kept stable. Magnetic material plants produced according to […]

Ministry of Industry and Information technology: The First Batch Total Production Control Quota of Rare Earth Mine for 2017

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the First Batch Total Production Control Quota of Rare Earth for 2017, the total mine product production was 52,500 tonnes, which was the same to that of last year, of which the mine production in the North was 38,625 tonnes, the mine production in the south […]

Industry Front: Hitachi Metals San Huan Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. officially open in Nantong, Jiangsu

  Qidong,Jiangsu Province-Hitachi Metals San Huan Magnetic Materials (Nantong) Co., Ltd.(“Hitachi San Huan”) held an Opening ceremony on April 7,2017. Hitachi Metals, Ltd. (“Hitachi Metals”) and Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (“Zhong Ke San Huan”) have set up a joint venture of manufacturing and selling Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets on June 18, 2015. On […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly Apr 6, 2017

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth market changed little. April listing price of North China Rare Earth came out on Thursday, with lanthanum-cerium price unchanged, keeping stable with last month. Praseodymium neodymium price rose greatly. While producers held different attitudes towards April listing price, some even held watching attitudes. Heavy rare earth […]

Canada Rare Earth increases concentrates trading

Canada Rare Earth Corp says it increasing momentum in its concentrate trading business by entering into the next set of hedged contracts to purchase and sell 310 metric tons of rare earth concentrate with locked in gross profits. “This volume of concentrate is twelve times the amount currently in international waters and scheduled to arrive at our […]

Industry Front: Baotou Rare Earth New Material Industry is Expanding

Baotou daily-Since 2017,  Baotou city has been developing the seven strategic emerging industries including rare earth industry. With its own comprehensive advantages, Rare Earth High-tech Zone is building the national rare earth new material zone to develop a more intelligent rare earth industry with 46 rare earth projects which accounting for 38% of the total […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly Mar 30, 2017

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, the rare earth price kept stable, with certain price rising caused by the increasing demand and national reserve expectations. Besides, the new round of national reserve bidding came to an end. The successful opening of national reserve biddings greatly promoted the producers confidence in the future market of […]

Ruidow China Rare Earth Market Review March 27 – April 1

Since the first quarter, the rare earth market experienced supply and demand structure adjustment, the rare price bottomed out, most of the rare earth products prices showed some degrees of increases. This week the mainstream market price of  lanthanum oxide was RMB 14,000 -15,000 / tonne, up 16% compared with that in early January; the […]