Rare Earths Community

Welcome to the Rare Earths Community — a new platform bringing the world of rare earths together in a one-stop shop. Here you will find information only about rare earths including pricing data from China, news, company information as well as a forum where you can comment on what is happening in the world of rare earths.

For several years it has been discussed at our rare earths conferences that there is room for a central location where the global rare earths industry can meet and discuss what is happening in the industry.  The industry is small, complicated and geographically diverse. China dominates the market, but the question mark remains over how much supply is coming from illegal and smuggled sources.

The formation of China’s Big Six Rare Earths Giants should result in greater control over production and the imposition of tougher environmental controls as well as focusing on the development of new products using rare earths. Elsewhere in the world the much-vaunted new production has failed to materialise. So far Lynas Corp is the only new non-Chinese producer to succeed. However, there is non-Chinese production from Brazil, India and Russia.

In this section you will find information from our most recent conference which was held in Hong Kong on November 8-10 2016. All attendees of that event will be given access to the RE Community and we hope you will find it useful. If you would like to join then please email sales@metalevents.com for more information.

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