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China’s rare earth exports rose slightly during January to August

China’s rare earth exports rose slightly during January to August   According to the analysis of customs statistics, China’s rare earths export volume was 35,069 tons from January to August 2018, a slight year-on-year increase of 0.9%.   In August 2018, China’s rare earth exports were 4,314 tons, up slightly by 3.1% on last year. […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly-Sep.13, 2018

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly-Sep.13, 2018 Review & Analysis   This week, rare earth prices edged down. Offers of LaCe and NdPr moved down, while dysprosium and terbium kept firm. Listing prices in China Northern Rare Earth had no change, causing players to lose their confidence to the future market. NdFeB industry was in a  weak […]

Jiangxi Further launched a special campaign against rare earth violations from September

According to the 2018 Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Rare Earth Production and Management, Jiangxi Province launched a special campaign recently against rare earth violations from September 2018 to January 2019. The specific action implementation plan is organised as follows: I. Strictly crack down on illegal mining of rare earths: ban illegal mining […]

Baotou City signed a total of 43 rare earth projects with a total investment of 17.36 billion yuan at the 10th China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum

According to the Baotou Municipal Economic and Information Committee,  Baotou City signed a total of 43 rare earth related projects with a total investment of 17.36 billion yuan at the 10th China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum held on September 10. These projects mainly involve five major industrial chains of rare earth permanent magnets, polishing, […]

Northern Rare Earth Group-rare earth products prices for September

The Northern Rare Earth Group has released the price of rare earth products for September. Compared with the price in August, the price in September remained unchanged. Products Prices(Yuan/Tonne) Product Index lanthanum oxide 14500 TREO≥96.5%  La2O3/REO≥99.99% cerium oxide 14000 TREO≥99%   CeO2/REO≥99.95% Pr-Nd oxide 334000 TREO≥99%  (Pr6O11+ Nd2O3)REO≥99.5% Neodymium oxide 324000 TREO≥99%  Nd2O3/REO≥99.5% Pr-Nd metal 426000 TREM≥99%  Pr/REM 23-27%   Nd/REM 73-77%C≤0.05% Neodymium Metal 4135000 TREM≥99%  Nd/REM≥99.5%  C≤0.05%

Baiinfo: Rare Earth weekly updated price

This week, the mainstream price of rare earths was stable. Price of PrNd products are relatively weak with Pr-Nd oxide at 325,000-327,000 yuan/ tonne while price for Dysprosium and Terbium products are strong with Dysprosium oxide at 1,145,000-1,150,000 yuan/tonne and Terbium oxide at 2,920,000-2,940,000 yuan/tonne. Inquiries for Gadolinium products also increased this week.   Products […]

Lynas delivers its first full year profit in FY18

Lynas Corporation Ltd (ASX:LYC, OTC:LYSDY) released its Financial Report for the year ending 30 June 2018 (FY18) on September 5. The Company reported a net profit after tax of $53.1m, its first statutory profit as a Rare Earths company, and a significant improvement from the restated loss of $0.5m recorded in FY17. For the whole […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly-Aug 30, 2018

Review & Analysis This week, rare earth mainstream prices started to increase and large enterprises continued to increase prices. Trading prices rose over the previous period. NdPr oxide offers were at RMB 327,000/tonne and dealing prices were at RMB 325,000/tonne, with small amount trading volume. However, inquiries started to rise. Dysprosium oxide prices were pushed […]

2018 Second batch total production control quota of rare earth has been distributed to the Big Six Rare Earth groups-MIIT

The Second batch quota for REE smelting and separation has been announced by the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) on 27 August, which is 45,000 tonnes for Smelting separation products and 46,500 for the ore products. Together with the first batch quota,  the 2018 national total rare earth mining and smelting and separation […]

Ruidow: Rare Earth Market Weekly Report August 29 2018

The rare earth market has improved this week . With the increasing downstream demand in September, coupled with the downstream stocking support at the end of the month, oxide and metal manufacturers generally raised their prices. Downstream buyers gradually accepted the small increase in raw materials price. The transaction picked up again. Up to August […]