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Market paused this week, rare earth prices strong – Ruidow – December 5

At the beginning of December, the rare earth market continued to rise and prices were firm. The reduction in the number of imported minerals, the approaching end of China’s rare earth quota for this year, and the MIIT inspection of large groups on over-exploitation, are all serving to comprehensively reduce the supply of oxide in […]

Baiinfo Rare Earths Report – November 15

This week NdPr prices have mainly remained stable. Dysprosium and terbium prices edged up, mainly because the volume of imported ore by Southern Rare Earth Group reduced, which caused output of some rare earth oxide also to reduce. That could support dysprosium and terbium prices increasing. Downstream demand of dysprosium and terbium was steady, with […]

Rare Earths prices remain stable – Baiinfo Report week of Nov 7

Rare Earths prices have in general remained stable, while dysprosium and terbium prices edged down. The message from China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology failed to lift the market as anticipated. Some traders replenished their stocks as they thought the market would improve which saw the NdPr oxide price edge up. However, it proved […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly Oct. 11, 2018

Review & Analysis This week, rare earth prices remained stable. Praseodymium, neodymium, dysprosium and terbium prices were adjusted slightly. Praseodymium and neodymium prices slid down, while dysprosium and terbium prices kept firm and went up. As China Northern Rare Earth issued guidance prices, NdPr prices went down, mainly as demand was weak. Most downstream players […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly – September 27, 2018

Review & Analysis This week, rare earth prices edged down. Affected by upstream shipment, mainstream cargoes’ trading prices moved down slightly, and others were unchanged. As the holidays were coming, downstream market stocked a small amount goods early, transactions became active, supporting rare earth prices. However, upstream enterprises holding spot goods were affected by buying […]

Rare earth market: market keeps stable after Golden Week

There are no signs of improvement in the rare earth market after the Golden Week holiday, but downstream demand is still sluggish. Enquiries at the start of the week were mostly seen as price testing, with downstream buyers having limited appetite to purchase. This swiftly saw some medium-sized metal manufacturers begin to cut the price […]

Lynas asks for fairness as review begins of its Malaysian REE operations

In an open letter to the Malaysian government and its people, Lynas Corp’s CEO Amanda Lacaze today appeals for any review of the company’s rare earth operations in Malaysia to be “fair and just and to be objective and scientific”. The fight back by Lynas has come after reports that the Australia-listed producer is to […]

Baiinfo: Rare Earth weekly updated price

Dysprosium oxide prices rose slightly to 1,150,000-1,155,000 Yuan/tonne, price of Terbium oxide increased a little bit at 2,900,000-2,950,000 Yuan/tonne. Terbium Metal was quoted at 3,850,000-3,900,000 Yuan/tonne, basically stable, small volume. Products                                                  […]

Ruidow: Rare earth market prediction for October

On September 26, prices for rare earth oxides were mixed, as downstream buyers of NdPr refused to accept price rises, but the upstream separation enterprises were faced with difficulties as operating costs were higher than sales prices. During the two Chinese national holidays, it is difficult to see the market stabilising and the scope of […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly – September 20, 2018

  Review & Analysis This week in China, rare earth prices sustained steady, mainstream trading volumes and recovered gradually as downstream demand increased, supporting future rare earth prices. Upstream rare earth separation enterprises were affected by a reduction in ore, which resulted in output of rare earth oxide decreasing. However, downstream demand has entered the […]