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Chinese rare earths market update: export volume increases with decreased price

Export volume of China’s rare earth was 3987 tons in November 2016, increasing by 23% over the same period of last year and up by 16.2% on last month. The average export price was US$7.8/kg, a decrease of 18.9% compared with the same period last year and an increase of 25.6% over last month. China’s […]

Rare Earth State Reserve meeting held in Beijing with failed bidding of PrNd and Terbium

The State Reserve meeting was held in Beijing on December 13. The companies taking part included four major rare earth groups: Rising Nonferrous; Xiamen Tungsten; Southern Rare Earth Group, and Chinalco. Minmetals Rare Earth and the Northern Rare Earth Group did not participate in the meeting. The products being sold to the State Reserve included praseodymium oxide, […]

Baotou Steel Group is fully operating its 3.53m tonne high-end RE steel cold rolling project

Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. has put the  high-end rare-earth steel cold rolling project (3.53 million tonnes/year) into operation on December 8. It means that Baotou has the capability of producing high-end automotive panels and household appliances panels. Starting from April 2014, Baotou has invested more than 80bn yuan on the project, using world-class core […]

China rare earths market update

Northern Rare Earths issued a light rare earth products list price increase on December 6, according to the company’s website.  This reflects continuing price increases over those seen in November. The lanthanum oxide list price for NRE is now 14,400 yuan /tonne; cerium oxide is 11,100 yuan/tonne; praseodymium-neodymium oxide is 26,600 yuan/tonne; PrNd metal is […]

Metal Events Rare Earths Wall Chart

We have produced a wall chart illustrating the creation of China’s Big 6 Rare Earths giants, which shows their location and which companies are in which group. If you would like a copy please email sales@metalevents.com and we will only charge you postage

News from 12th IREC

China’s rare earths prices have remained relatively stable in 2016. The creation of China’s Big 6 Rare Earths giants has been completed this year and this has brought stability to the market, according to Hu Jian, Consulting Director at SMM in China. The six groups finished their industry integration by June which saw the combination […]

Alkane reports to shareholders and gearing up for production

Alkane reported to its shareholders on November 16. As company MD Ian Chalmers told delegates the week before in Hong Kong, the company is now gearing up for production. Read more at  https://www.alkane.com.au/images/pdf/asx/2016/161116.pdf