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Rare Earth Oxide Listed Price from China South Rare Earth Group Slightly Rebounded in June

On June 19th, the latest medium- and heavy-earth oxide listing price from China South Rare Earth Group was strong.  Price of NdFeB rebounded slightly. Products Prices(Yuan/Tonne) Product Index Samarium oxide 12,000 REO≥99.5% Europium oxide 400,000 REO≥99.99% Gadolinium oxide 140,000 REO≥99.5% Terbium oxide 3,100,000 REO≥99.99% Dysprosium oxide 1,175,000 REO≥99.99% Holmium oxide 400,000 REO≥99.5% Erbium Oxide 165,000 […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly Jun 14, 2018

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth prices followed the tendency of last week. With stricter environmental protection inspections in Jiangxi, more rare earth separation plants were power-off, causing supply of rare earth oxide decrease. In Inner Mongolia, rare earth metals plants began to shut down, letting the output fall. Inquiries in downstream […]

Ruidow: Environmental protection reinspection- why the rare earth supply is greatly reduced in Ganzhou?

June 21 2018- Ruidow As the environmental protection “reinspection” has taken place, the recent prices of Pr, Nd, Dy, Tb products have kept rising. By the middle of June, ex-factory price of Pr-Nd oxide RMB344,000-350,000 per ton (incl. VAT), up by RMB 6500 Yuan/ton compared to last week; ex-factory price of Dy oxide is RMB […]

Commerce Resources Corp. Updates Site Infrastructure Plan for the Ashram Rare Earth Project

June 12, 2018 Commerce Resources Corp. (TSXv: CCE, FSE: D7H) (the “Company” or “Commerce”) is pleased to provide an update on the site infrastructure geotechnical work completed in support of the ongoing Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) for the Company’s 100% owned Ashram Rare Earth Project, located in northern Quebec. A key aspect of the site infrastructure assessment […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 0607

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, affected by environmental protection inspections in Jiangxi, most rare earth separation plants were power-off in Ganzhou. Rare earth prices started to push up. PrNd oxide prices rose from RMB 327,000/T to RMB 335,000/T. Dysprosium oxide and terbium oxide prices moved up from RMB 1,145,000/T and RMB 2,980,000/T to […]

Increasingly severe environmetal inspections boost rare earth price

On June 13, The price of praseodymium neodymium oxide was 339,000-345,000 yuan/tonne , which was increased by 1000 yuan/tonne compared to yesterday. The price of praseodymium neodymium oxide was 428,000-435,000 yuan/tonne, which remained the same as yesterday. The majority of the transactions were 341,000-345,000 yuan/tonne for praseodymium neodymium oxide, and 432,000-435,000 yuan/tonne for praseodymium neodymium […]

Association of China Rare Earth Industry: Main Rare Earth Oxide Average Price in April in China

The association of China Rare Earth Industry published the main rare earth oxide average prices in April in China. For light rare earth products: In April, the listed average price for Pr-Nd oxide is 350,300 yuan/ tonnes, down by 3.35% compared to March For Pr-Nd Metal, the average listed price is 448,000 yuan/ tonnes, down by […]

Peak Resources Planning Permission for Teesside Refinery Granted

23 May 2018 Peak Resources Limited (“Peak” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that the Planning Permission for the planned rare earth separation plant in the UK has been granted by the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. The permission is a substantial milestone in the development of the Teesside Refinery and the primary regulatory […]

BAIINFO Rare Earth Weekly-05-17

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth market prices went down. Market players are at wait-and-see mode, thus deals were scarce.  Producers wouldn’t lower prices while downstream enterprises were still waiting for right time to purchase. Overall, rare earth prices are possible to rebound slightly later.   Hereinto, prices of lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium […]

Southern Rare Earth Oxide listed price trend from March-May

Since mid-March, the prices of rare earth products have continued to decrease overall due to falling demand. The price of most rare earth oxides listed on the Southern Rare Earth Group has fallen 2-3 times within two months. The biggest fall has been for yttrium oxide with a decrease of 20%. The price statistics and […]