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Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 4 May

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth price kept stable overall with some main products’price rising slightly. The reason is because people are expected Northern Rare Earth group will adjust the price and also the coming national rare earth stockpiling. Producers are all in wait-and-see mode attitude with inactive delivery. Rare earth might […]

China Northern Rare Earth published the listing price of the main rare earth oxide

  Industry Front-May 8, China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co.,Ltd published the listing price of the main light RE oxide in May. Listing price and Changes  Listing Price(Yuan/Ton) Jul-16 May-17 change La2O3 12800 15220 18.9% CeO2 9800 11670 19.1% Pr6O11+ Nd2O3 256000 297000 16.0% Nd2O3 256000 293000 14.5% Pr-Nd alloy 328000 378000 15.2% Nd […]

China’s rare earth export volume and price rose in April 2017 YOY

Industry Front(May 8,2017):China customs statistics analysis showed that rare earth export volume and price in April 2017 rose up together Year-On-Year。 Specifically, in  April 2017, China’s rare earth exports increased by 37.1% to 5068 tons YOY;also hit a record about monthly export volume.         And the export average price soared to 8.1 […]

China Rare Earth Quarterly Report-SMM(2017 Quarter 1)

Market Outlook:   The Rare Earth market will see positive conditions in both policy and fundamental respects in Q2 2017. Separation producers are now faced with great pressure due to weaker-than-expected price gains and severe losses. Supply tightened further due to growing downstream demand and spot supply tightness. Meanwhile, spot trading inventories built previously at […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 27 April

Industry Review Review & Analysis Rare earth prices trend moved up this week. Praseodymium, neodymium, terbium, europium, gadolinium and holmium market had no transactions for long term, even if the price was offered. Supported by tight supply and state reserve,  merchants offered higher quotations and were unwilling to sell cargoes. Market transactions were few, so […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 13 April

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth price kept rising overall. Most products offers were raised, with offers of praseodymium neodymium rising greatly and some storage products in heavy rare earth market going up slightly. While downstream demand was ordinary, orders of magnetic material plants kept stable. Magnetic material plants produced according to […]

Baiinfo Rare Earth Weekly 21 April

Industry Review Review & Analysis This week, rare earth prices moved up steadily, with a high offer. Sellers were optimistic about future market policy, so actual transaction price was favorable, while trading volume was scarce. The market was in a stalemate currently. As a small amount of downstream factories still maintained production, so they delayed […]

China South Rare Earth Group listed heavy rare earths price

China South Rare Earth Group listed heavy rare earths price On 24th of April, China South Rare Earth Group released the heavy rare listed price, of which samarium oxide RMB 12,000/tonne, gadolinium oxide RMB 78,000/tonne, dysprosium oxide RMB 1,230,000/tonne, holmium oxide RMB 420,000/tonne, erbium oxide RMB 175,000/tonne, ytterbium oxide RMB 185,000/tonne, scandium oxide RMB 21,000,000/tonne, […]

Industry Front: The volumn of China’s rare earth permanent magnets exports increased in March but fell in price

China customs statistics analysis showed that rare earth permanent magnets export volume increased in March 2017,while the export price fell. Specifically, the exports of rare earth permanent magnets in March rose to 2,483 tonnes, up by 29.6% year on year. However,the average price of exports in March 2017 fell to USD48.2 per KG, down by […]

Ruidow Rare Earth China Market Weekly Review 10-14 April, 2017

The rare earth market kept strong this week, praseodymium and neodymium product price continued to rise and the market supply was tight. For light rare earths, lanthanum oxide price was steady, with mainstream price of RMB 14,000 -15,000/tonne; cerium oxide was RMB 12,000 -13,000/tonne; praseodymium oxide was RMB 360,000 -370,000/tonne. The stockpiling of downstream ceramic […]