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Monday 17th October
18:00 – 20:00 – Registration and Welcome Reception

Tuesday 18th October

08:30 – Registration desk reopens
09:15 – Opening remarks by Rachel Carnac, Joint Managing Director, Metal Events Ltd., UK;


09:20hrs    “Market overview”, by David Merriman, Research Director, Wood Mackenzie, UK;

09:45hrs    “Sustainable rare earth supply: A dream or a real possibility”, by Dudley Kingsnorth, Non-Executive Chairman, Australian Rare Earths, Australia;

10:10hrs     “A global perspective on rare earth criticality & Southern Africa’s potential role”, by Nils Backeberg, Founder & Director, Project Blue, South Africa;

10:35hrs    Coffee Break kindly sponsored by MP Materials


11:30hrs    “MP Materials: Restoring the full U.S. rare earth supply chain”, by Michael Rosenthal, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, MP Materials, USA;

11:55hsr   “Lynas: Developing a non – Chinese rare earth supply chain”, by Pol Le Roux, Vice President Downstream, Lynas Rare Earths, Australia;

12:20hrs    A presentation by Mark Smith, Chairman & CEO, Niocorp Developments Ltd,, USA;

12:45hrs    Luncheon kindly sponsored by Nicorp Developments Ltd


14:15hrs      “An overview of the Eneabba Rare Earth Refinery”, by Owen Gray, General Manager Market Development, Iluka Resources, Australia;

14:40hrs    “RareX – Sustainable rare earths”, by Jeremy Robinson, Managing Director & Founder, RareX, Australia;

15:05hrs    A presentation by Louis Moreno, President & VP of Exploration, Defense Metals, Canada;

15:30hrs    Tea Break

16:00hrs   “Developing a new rare earth supply chain in Europe”, by Paul Atherly, Chairman, Pensana Plc, UK;

16:25hrs    “Vietnam’s potential for rare earths supply and toll processing”, by Luu Tuan, Director, Vietnam Rare Earths, Vietnam;

16:50hrs    “Emerging resources of rare earths in India and exploitation strategies”, by Deependra Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, IREL (India) Limited;

17:30hrs     Networking drinks

Wednesday 19th October


09:00hrs    “Production of rare earth metals, an essential link in the magnet supply chain”, by Ian Higgins, Managing Director, Less Common Metals, UK;

09:50hrs     “Advances in magnet technology for the aerospace and defence industries”, by Aaron Williams, Director, Strategic Technologies & Business Development, USA;                          

10:15hrs        A presentation by Neo Performance Materials

10:40hrs       Coffee kindly sponsored by MP Materials


11:30hrs       “Development of a process to extract REE’s from phosphogypsum stacks”, by Dave Dodd Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd – London Stock Exchange) & Wes Berry, VP & CTO K-Technologies, USA;

11:55hrs       “Opportunities and challenges: Building the rare earth element supply chain”, by Muhammad Imran, Vice-President, Rare Earth Elements Division, SRC, Canada;

12:15hrs        “A presentation by Geoff Atkins, Managing Director, Vital Metals Limited, Australia; 

12:40hrs       Luncheon kindly sponsored by Niocorp Developments

Please note this programme is provisional and may be subject to change.


Applied Materials

Arnold Magnetics

Australian Rare Earths

Baotou Tianhe Magnetics Technology Co. Ltd

Blue Line Corp

Bose Corporation

Commerce Resources

Defense Metals Corp

Elementus Minerals

Geomega Resources

Geophysx Jamaica

Heraeus AMLOY Technologies GmbH

Iluka Resources

Imperial Mining Group Limited

IREL (India) Limited

JackLifton LLC

JL Mag Rare-Earth Co Ltd

Kalyani Steels Limited


Less Common Metals

Luxfer MEL Technologies

Lynas Rare Earths

Magneto Dynamic LLC

Materion Corporation

Minchem Limited

MP Materials

Nanoscale Powders LLC

Neo Chemicals & Oxides LLC

Niocorp Development

Project Blue

Quadrant International

Rainbow Rare Earth Ltd

Rare Earth Salts Separations & Refining


RCMPA Polishing Powders


Samsung Electro Magnetics

Search Minerals Inc

Selten Metal


TAM International LP

The Anchor House

Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated

Traxys Europe SA

Treibacher Industrie AG


United Minerals and Chemical Corp

USA Rare Earth LLC

Vietnam Rare Earths

Vital Metals Limited

Wood Mackenzie

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The fee includes the cost of all receptions, conference sessions, luncheon, tea/coffee and event documentation. It does not include accommodation or flights to and from the event venue.

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